Upcoming Album Release

In October, Alien Conspiracy will be releasing our first full-length album. Here’s a preview of the cover. This will be a cassette/digital release, though Bandcamp, and the digital version will also be available on the major digital music stores.


Are We Under Surveillance?

There’s a study and some reactions out there that indicate it very well might be possible that us humans are under surveillance by more than one alien civilization. The situation is probably far worse than we could ever imagine, due to our limited comprehension capabilities as a species.

Men in Black Sightings

What are they up to?

A really terrifying encounter of the supposed Men in Black has been reported to MUFON (case 80321). A witness in McAllen noticed some jet-like UFOs in the sky, and though details were short on what exactly they saw, the witness then encountered two mysterious men dressed in black with eyes that didn’t appear to blink.

The Alien Conspiracy EP

The Alien Conspiracy EP is available now. Get the digital version and the limited edition CD from Bandcamp.