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New Release: Hell on Earth

We are proud to announce the release of our first album, fully titled “The Proclamation and the Curation: Hell on Earth 1:1-1:11”, also known as Hell on Earth. Ten tracks of invasive death metal.

This is a quality cassette tape, with a 7 panel J-card including the lyrics and some extended artwork.

This release can be found on cassette and digital, through Bandcamp and Repine Records. We’ll also have copies of this one on us, available at shows!



Upcoming Album Release

In October, Alien Conspiracy will be releasing our first full-length album. Here’s a preview of the cover. This will be a cassette/digital release, though Bandcamp, and the digital version will also be available on the major digital music stores.


The Alien Conspiracy EP

The Alien Conspiracy EP is available now. Get the digital version and the limited edition CD from Bandcamp.

Reclassified Data

The page “demo songs” has been reclassified and now requires a password to gain access. This move is sudden and unexpected, but for good reason.

We can’t discuss reasons for this.

The only info we can release to the public is this: Certain entities will be undergoing a splicing procedure to create a new anomaly. End results are yet unknown and this experiment will certainly result in something that we could not predict.

Stand by for more information as the process commences.