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A Hollow Moon Orbits Us

The idea of the moon being hollow could mean that we’ve been orbited by a space station since long before any of us can remember. A space station that close to our own planet, placed by a higher level of species, would lead to all types of ominous realities for humanity.

The Phobos Incident

Russia launched a probe to investigate the Mars moon, Phobos, back in the 1980’s. The mission returned some interesting imagery and data, and then the probe went silent. Some speculate that there may have been alien interference in the silencing of the probe.


Are they really the enemy?

Ask Paul Bennewitz if he think so.

The twisted trail that is the story of Bennewitz took many bizarre turns on its path to UFO and conspiracy theory legend. One of the more mysterious places it led to is the tiny New Mexico town of Dulce, located not far from the Four Corners region of the American Southwest.

Bigger than Roswell?