A Dyson Sphere in Practice?

What if we found another civilization in deep space that was using the concept of a Dyson Sphere to their advantage?

Or, to be more specific, something built by aliens — a “swarm of megastructures,” as he told the Atlantic, likely outfitted with solar panels to collect energy from the star.

Check it out.


Be Afraid, and Submit to Your Protectors

Just a friendly reminder from our government: live in fear, be fearful of those that surround us and those that are different. Listen to our corrupted leaders and follow their will. Report our neighbors, leave no stone unturned in our quest to fight a manufactured enemy without a state. Welcome big brother into our lives and ignore the real threats to our supposed liberty-driven existence.


Reclassified Data

The page “demo songs” has been reclassified and now requires a password to gain access. This move is sudden and unexpected, but for good reason.

We can’t discuss reasons for this.

The only info we can release to the public is this: Certain entities will be undergoing a splicing procedure to create a new anomaly. End results are yet unknown and this experiment will certainly result in something that we could not predict.

Stand by for more information as the process commences.